Perfect Practice: Drop-5 System

 Zach Allen + Golf Sply Co have designed a 5-Day System to get you started with your putting mat and get you putting like a PGA Pro.

Developing muscle memory is one of the most challenging things to do in sport. While using the Perfect Practice Mat, you are learning how to develop a routine that will lead to increased confidence on the greens.

The Drop-5 System was designed to be completed with the Perfect Practice Putting Mat; a series of 5 short videos (plus a free bonus video of drills and tips), one for each day. Follow the System and in 5 days, you’ll have a vastly improved putting game. Continue working with your Perfect Practice Putting Mat and you’ll be well on your way to lowering your score by 5 strokes!

  • Day 1: Posture & Setup
  • Day 2: Grip Techniques
  • Day 3: Rhythm and Tempo
  • Day 4:The Importance of Short Putts
  • Day 5: Pre Putt Routine
  • Day 6: BONUS Drills &Tips

Lower your handicap, order your Perfect Practice Putting Mat!

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